Hundreds upon thousands of beauty guru’s, models, and everyday gorgeous bettes search, follow, like, share, and engage with “trusted sources” on Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube.

They search for fixes for everything from crows feet to mommy makeovers before making a skincare purchase.  Why is this?

Because Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are prime platforms where a person can find other people just like them with whom they can build trust, see before and afters, reach out to and digitally touch to ask questions and get immediate responses daily.

Does this makeup really make my skin look brighter?  What’s the difference between Botox and Dysport?  What is CoolSculpting like, really?

From Moms to Millennials to GenX,  beauty buyers in the US are looking for the beauty style, trends, products and services that work best for them from sources they can trust.

Trust is everything when it comes to building relationships, loyalty particularly in brands, services, and products. 

So likely, the next question to ask is “who” are these beauty buyers influenced by?

According to “US Beauty Path To Purchase” by Facebook IQ, a trend and data source analyzer, the top 4 sources that influence a cosmetic or skincare purchase for women ages 18-45 in the US are influenced by:

Beauty exports on social media



Beauty blogs + websites



Beauty brands on social media



Friends + family on social media



This is where you come in to play...

The heroic industry expert who provides real results and solutions daily to answer the questions and fears that everyday beauty buyers are facing in your industry. 

You’ve built your practice on the passion of helping people look, feel, and achieve their best.

With Facebook, Plastic Surgeons and MedSpa Owners can directly get their stories, messages, and services in front of their ideal beauty buyers on their most personal device.

If you use this beast of a platform to drive your business objectives through your beauty buyer’s path to purchase, you will have the ability to leverage insights and targeting tools to tailor your creative and reach real people who matter most to your business!

Facebook as well as Instagram and YouTube are just a few of the primary places where your business should shine as a trusted source and beacon of beauty enlightenment for the community already searching for answers in the beauty world.

Let us help you find your ideal beauty buyer and get your next post or ad right in front of them!