With the new wave of digital and online services, online chat technologies, and direct email and SMS nurturing sequences, one question that many business owners have is ‘how can social media help me increase my audience reach?’ 

Most business owners think social media is nothing more than just a place for chatting and general socializing about family photos, last night’s dinner, and tomorrow’s drinks after 5 meet up.

Simply put its seen as a means for consumption that the practical business person just doesn’t or should not have time for.

In reality and for those already in the know, social media is far more powerful than just catching up on what your neighbor did last night. Social media’s power lies in the ability to directly connect with exactly who it is that you’re looking for. 

As a business what this means is that you can define the “Diamond Client” that you’re looking to do business with, locate them within a few miles of your business and send them messages regarding your services and or products that they would most likely be interested in.

In other words instead of you having to chase your clients, you can use social media to drive them to come looking for you!

Stop chasing clients...have them chase you.

Sure, this all sounds great especially considering the slow cycles that most businesses endure and with more people from teens to adults becoming more addicted to social platforms, getting likes, and consuming information but…

Question: How would a business like your’s break through the noise and stand out amongst the crowded news feeds to get noticed?

Answer: Partner with a marketing team that not only knows how to navigate social media, but eats, sleeps and breathes strategies for increasing brand awareness, engagement, and ROI.

Right now, the estimated total worldwide population is about 7.6 billion. Of this, 3.5 billion people are online users with 3.03 billion of them actively using social media.

Think about it… most online users have on average 7+ social media accounts (ie. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Linked In, Pinterest, etc) versus most retail businesses only use 2 or more social media channels.

On average,  in 2017 from Q2 to Q3 social media users grew by 121 million, which works out to about a new social media user every 15 seconds and this number continues to grow leaps and bounds every year!

Isn't it time to start taking social more seriously...

Earlier I mentioned that the power of social media is to directly connect you with your Diamond Clients and ideal customers. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp alone handle 60 billion messages a day!

If you were running a Messenger campaign reaching out to your ideal customers on either of these active platforms, just imagine the brand awareness and engagement possibilities for your business.

Without getting into the overly technical aspect of things Facebook, Instagram and YouTube campaigns are our speciality.

Request a demo of our latest campaign that generated 1,242 enrollment requests for a major university in 48 hours. Learn the good, the bad, and what you should do better in your next campaign!